Ready Mix Tablet Coating System​

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Onsite RND Facility ​

ISO9001:2015 & FDA Certified



ANSHCOAT is committed to delivering a high-quality product through a rigorous quality management system (QMS) that emphasizes continuous improvement and innovation.

Committed to Quality

ANSHCOAT's commitment to quality control includes online documentation, in-process checks, and raw material and finished goods testing. Our team of experts ensures that every batch of coating we produce meets our strict quality standards, guaranteeing consistent and high-quality performance for our customers.

Regulatory Compliance

ANSHCOAT provides regulatory support to ensure its coatings meet applicable regulations and standards. The team works closely with regulatory agencies, stays up to date on changes, and helps expedite the regulatory approval process. This commitment helps ensure the safety and effectiveness of ANSHCOAT's coatings.

Customer Care

At ANSHCOAT, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and support. Our team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or challenges related to the coating process or production. In addition, our experts can provide on-site trials to help customers achieve optimal results and ensure that their coatings meet their specific needs and requirements.

Our Facility

ANSHCOAT has a dedicated production site for manufacturing our high-quality tablet coating materials. Our state-of-the-art facility features an on-site R&D setup and is staffed by highly qualified professionals with expertise in the latest equipment and techniques. This allows us to deliver the highest quality coatings to our customers while maintaining the utmost standards of safety and efficiency.

Quality Assurance

ANSHCOAT implements rigorous quality control measures, including in-process and finished goods testing, as well as testing of raw materials against standard specifications. Our vendor approval system ensures high-quality materials are procured. These measures allow us to maintain consistency, quality, and safety in our coatings, meeting the needs of our customers and regulatory requirements

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